Softwareentwicklung Heinz Lüdert

Origin and Concept
Both, design and realization of PreFlight is up to Heinz Lüdert, a professional software developer, who is owner of a pilot license since 1989 and who had originally created the software for his own needs. This guarantees the practically suitability of

PreFlight  for panning your worldwide VFR flights, e.g.Pacific (105 KB)

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Windows NT, XP, Vista Mac OS X

You generally receive PreFlight with a database, containing airspaces, airports and nav aids and - if desired - also the scanned ICAO charts of Germany. Note the extensive expansion options, offered to you:
PreFlight 4.1 supports your new Garmin USB-GPS just as older devices using the RS-232-interface.
For scanning your own ICAO charts or visual approach charts, a simple flat bed scanner is sufficient. Elevation profiles for regions out of Europe are available via internet free of charge, and of course, PreFlight doesn't prevent you from extending or modifying the provided location database. It's possible to edit your routes on all scanned maps, on the generated maps, as well as by entering the way points via the keyboard, because...

...with PreFlight 4.1 you reach your goal on three ways:

scanned map generated map text interface
Via scanned map (164 KB) Via generated map (132 KB) Via keyboard (21 KB)

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