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Free download of the PreFlight 4.1 full version:

The "" file is a disk image. It contains some files. To "expand" these files please use the WinZIP application.
After the files are expanded, please open the expanded "pf41DL" directory and launch the "setup.exe" application in order to install PreFlight 4.1 in any directory on any drive. Finally you will find the "pf.exe" application in your target directory.

Now launch PreFlight.
With the latest operating systems, the installer "setup.exe" may be unable to create all menu- or desktop items. In this case, use the explorer to open your target directory and double click the "pf.exe" application in order to launch PreFlight.
Now enter

and import the scanned map.
To make the shipped simple German map available, choose the "Miscellaneous - Administration of Maps" menu option. Thus you open the "Scanned Maps" dialog box. Here click the "Import..." button, to open the "Calibration.scm" file (in the expanded "pf41DL" directory). Subsequently choose "OK", to close the "Scanned Maps" dialog box again. Thus you have assigned co-ordinates to the image of the map and now you can view or edit your flight routes on that map.

Note, that because of their higher resolution, ICAO charts scanned with 150 dpi do suit much better for flight planning.

If you no longer need the PreFlight on your computer, simply restart the "setup.exe" application and choose the "Deinstall" option.

System Requirements:

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