Softwareentwicklung Heinz Lüdert

Creating the Flight Route by Mouse Click

In both the generated map and the scanned map, the same user friendly interface is available:

Selecting a Leg

Click with the mouse into the vicinity of the leg, which you would like to work on. Then "PreFlight" searches for the leg nearest to your mouse position. If you like to select the last way point of your route, so don't click with the mouse on the last drawn leg, but behind it!

Adding a Way Point

Move the mouse pointer approximately into the vicinity of the way point desired, click the right mouse button (for Mac: option key and the mouse button), and choose "Insert" or "Append". Subsequently select the place desired from the popup menu. The entries of that popup menu are sorted by their distance from the mouse position. The topmost entry shows the co-ordinates of the current mouse position, followed by the locations of the closer vicinity, whereby the last place has the furthest distance from the mouse position.