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What is to be done, if no map appears during calibration?

If "PreFlight" doesn't open the image file, which you have added to the map administration, then the cause may be: "PreFlight" running under Windows:
Use "BMP" files without data compression.

"PreFlight" running under Macintosh:
Use "BMP" files without data compression or Macintosh-"PICT" files.
Examine the memory dispatching. For that, mark the "PF.exe" file (in the finder) and afterwards press the "propeller" and the "I" key. Thus the "Information" dialog box appears, where you can edit the "Memory" option. Change the memory dispatching, if necessary: Minimum Size: about 12000 KB, Preferred Size: about 20700 KB.

For every operation system:
After scanning, save your picture with 256 colours only. For the original "PreFlight" versions 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2, the size of the image file shouldn't be larger than 4 MB.
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