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How to easily change the map detail?

In order to make it easy for you to add new maps to "PreFlight", "PreFlight" uses no continuous maps but a "mosaic" of individual map sections, which should overlap each other a little bit. Naturally that makes it necessary to change to the neighbouring map, after an edge of a map is reached. For that, several procedures are available in "PreFlight":

By Cursor Keys
As soon as you have scrolled one map until you have reached its edge, simply press the appropriate cursor key, to get the next map.

By Symbol Bar
In the symbol bar either choose the "Closer to departure aerodrome" button or the "Closer to destination aerodrome" button. Thus you activate all way points of your route in sequence. Thereby "PreFlight" automatically selects the map, on which the way point just activated can be represented best.

By Pressing the "V" Key
If you have scanned and calibrated a visual approach chart, which can be used to visualize the just activated way point, then it's sufficient to press the "V" key in order to switch from the ICAO chart to the visual approach chart and vice versa.

By Clicking onto the Generated Map
Activate the "Route Map - Generated" view and choose the "Maps" button (containing two green rectangles) from the "Generated Map" symbol bar. Now all areas, covered by scanned maps, will be displayed as rectangle. To get a scale, easy to survey, it can be necessary to scale down the map by clicking the "-" button several times. If you now click with the mouse into one of that rectangles, no activation of your flight route takes place, but the appropriate map appears.
If you like to edit your flight route on the generated map again, switch off the mode for selecting maps by clicking the "Maps" button (containing two green rectangles) once more.

By Selecting a Location
Use the "Locations - Eidt" menu to open the "Location Database" dialog box, select a location and click the "Done" button to close the dialog box again. Then "PreFlight" centres the selected place on either the scanned map or the generated map.

By Selecting the Map Name
Choose the "Miscellaneous - Administration of Maps" menu and double click the name of the desired map in the list of the "Scanned Maps" dialog box.
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