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Your Online Flying Logbook

With this computer you can easily determine your total flight time, your total time airborne and your number of landings. Enter the previously determined sums into the fields of the first row and use the rows "1st Flight" to "7th Flight" for the new values. After the last input, press the tab key once more to actualize the results of the calculation! Afterwards copy the "New Sums:" values into your personal flying logbook. If you still like to enter further flights, then select the "Carry Forward" button to shift the results just calculated into the first row and to remove the entries from the fields "1st Flight" to "7th Flight".
Note: Enter all times in the "" format. Separate hours from minutes with a dot (no comma)!
Examples: For a one hour and four minutes flight enter: 1.04 and for a 44 minutes flight enter: 0.44

Flight Time Time Airborne No. of Landings
Old sums brought forward:
1st Flight
2nd Flight
3rd Flight
4th Flight
5th Flight
6th Flight
7th Flight
New sums: