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Free Download of the complete C++ sources to build PreFlight Version 4.1:

You may use these sources to build your own copy of PreFlight for private usage. Thereby you may also add new features to the software. However, any commercial use of both the created application or the source code is not permitted. If you are interested in using the application or the source code commercially, please contact SHL.

German or English?
In order to create the German version copy "Code/PF41_cpp/main_d_Last_Good.r" to "Code/PF41_cpp/main.r".
In order to create the English version copy "Code/PF41_cpp/main_e_Last_Good.r" to "Code/PF41_cpp/main.r".

Compiling with "Project Builder"
Launch "Project Builder".
Choose the "File - Open" menu.
Double click the "Code/PF41_cpp" folder. Now you have loaded the project.
The "PF41_cpp" project contains two source code groups (*.cpp, *.h): "HLtools_cpp" and "Sources".
If the files referenced by the project were not found, delete the existing entries and add the files again via the "Project - Add Files..." menu:
The "HLtools_cpp" group should get all *.cpp und *.h files available in "Code/HLtools_cpp" (from CAppleEvent.cpp to CWnd.h).
The "Sources" group should get all *.cpp und *.h files available in "Code/PF41_cpp" (from AboutDlg.cpp to WayView.h).
Both text and graphic should be placed into the "Resources" group:
The "Resources" group should get

The following external libraries are required:
The "External Frameworks and Libraries" group should get the files
The first message during the compiling process should be:
"updating 208 targets"
On a 333 MHz PowerPC G3 the process takes 1:15 h.

Preparing the configuration for the first launch
In the same folder (e.g. "Code/PF41/build") there must be: the "PreFlight" program icon, the folders named "airspaces", "bmp" and "elev".
After both the first compilation and all "Clean" commands, the following files must be copied from "Code/InitialFiles" to "Code/PF41_cpp/build/PreFlight/Contents/MacOS":
Hint: In order to reach the folders located within the "PreFlight" program icon, hold down the "ctrl" key, while clicking with the mouse on the "PreFlight" programm icon. A menu will open, where you choose "Show Package Content". After that you will see the "Contents" folder, which contains the "MacOS" folder.

Launching PreFlight
In the personalization dialog enter both your name and your city.
Replace the serial number (******) with 123456. Otherwise you will be asked to enter the serial number if you launch PreFlight the next time! As you yet have no location database installed, you will get a warning message, that the *.krd files are missing. Just click the "OK" button.

Installing the location database (*.krd) and the airspaces
At "" you can download location databases for different regions.
For each region there is an archive which always contains three files. One file contains both airports and radio navigation facilities, the other two files are required for the airspaces.
Just copy the expanded files of all downloaded regions into ONE temporary folder. Then open PreFlights "Locations - Update" menu, choose your temporary folder and click the "Update" button of the "Updating Location Database" dialog. After your first update is finished, the "Regions" dialog will open, where you have to activate at least one of the new regions.
In order to see the locations and the airspaces on the generated map, open the "View - Route Map - Generated" menu and click the red airspace symbol on the symbol bar.

System Requirements: